What To Do When Acer Chromebook Is Not Turning On? 8 Ways

What To Do When Acer Chromebook Is Not Turning On

Here are some of the best methods that you can follow to fix the Chromebook won’t turn on issue.

1. Inspect your charger 

Does the small LED near the charging port turn on when you plug in the laptop? If yes, then leave the machine charging for about 3 hours before turning it on again. If not, there could be a problem with the charger or the charging port. Check the charger in another Chromebook available. Also, use another charger to charge your laptop. You’ll find out the culprit. 

2. Reset The Laptop 

Give your laptop a break and clear out all the stress on its RAM by pressing and holding the Refresh key and Power button for at least 10 seconds or so. This will also bust all the cache to give the system a breather. 

3. Remove External Accessories or Devices 

Eject and remove any sort of accessories or hardware devices you’ve connected with the laptop. These have the potential to interfere with normal laptop functions such as boot-up.

4. Create a New Account And Sign In 

Because of some unexplainable otherworldly phenomenon, the sync between your Google Account and laptop could be severed. Create a new ID and log in to restore and claim what was yours, to begin with. 

5. Delete Apps You’ve Seldom Used 

You may have loaded Chrome or the laptop with tons of apps you don’t need. See which app you haven’t used in ages. Don’t let it sit there and multiply to make a swarm. Kill it now.

6. Download And Install OS Updates 

The latest version of ChromeOS is stable. So, if your Chromebook takes you to the log-in screen but crashes frequently, you may wanna update the whole thing. 

7. Powerwash the System 

Step 1: Sign out 
Step 2: Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r together and choose Restart. You’ll be presented with another box of options, select Powerwash, and follow the instructions. 

Step 3: Set up your Chromebook.

Powerwash will reset the machine to its factory setting. Any software issue causing frequent shutdowns or screen freezes will be resolved.

8. Call The Support 

The aforementioned tips are just starting points to possibly fix your problem. If they haven’t done their bit, then you may want to call the support and claim your warranty.

How Do You Fix a Black Screen On An Acer Chromebook? 

Do a hard reset by pressing and holding the Refresh Key + Power button for about 10 seconds. Release the keys afterward and turn on the system. Your problem should be fixed. 

How Do I Force a Chromebook to Turn On?

If your Chromebook has run into the problem of not turning on, then you may want to see if the charging is okay and that your battery has enough juice to turn it on. That taken care of, do a hard reset by holding the Refresh key and power button for about 10 to 20 seconds. This will remove all the cache and charging burden your machine has been experiencing. 

How To Check If My Chromebook Battery Is Bad?

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Alt + t and go to Crosh 
Step 2: Type “battery health” and Enter. You will see not only the battery’s health but also its percentage and operating limits. 

How do I fix an unresponsive Chromebook?

If you find your Chromebook to be frozen or stuck in place, all you have to do is push and hold the power button for a couple of minutes to resurrect your Chromebook from being an unresponsive mess.

Why is the Chromebook screen black?

If your Chromebook isn’t turning on or simply displaying a black screen, you might be having some sort of power issue at hand. You can fix this by plugging in your power adapter and waiting for a couple of minutes to let itself bring it back to life. You can also look for USB devices plugged into your Chromebook which may prevent your Chromebook from booting up.

Acer Chromebook Not Turning On – Conclusion 

If your Acer Chromebook isn’t turning on, try checking its charger, then do its hard reset. If the problem still persists, follow the rest of the fixes told above. Otherwise, take the laptop to professional repair. 

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