Can You Use Airpods On a Plane? Extensive Guide 2022

According to the Federal Aviation Administration’s 2013 safety rules, you can carry your Airpods on a plane and use them. They are designated under the Portable Electronic Devices or PEDs. When they are allowed by the FAA, you could see many people wearing and using them on any airline. 

So, before knowing about can you use AirPods on a plane and use them freely. However, there are some considerations before doing so. 

Considerations Before Using AirPods On A Plane

Here are some of the considerations that you need to follow before using the AirPods on a plane.

1. Keep Your Phone on Airplane Mode 

Before you want to use the earbuds on a plane, you may want to consider putting your phone in Airplane mode. That’s to stay safe by not letting any of the cellular network’s rays meddle with the systems onboard. 

After you’ve done that, you can easily turn on your Bluetooth and carry on using the Airpods just as you would normally. 

Don’t worry about the internet because almost all airplanes offer Wi-Fi services to their passengers. Besides, they provide onboard multimedia, so you don’t have to use that at all. 

2. Keep Headphones for Seatback Entertainment 

Some airplanes do not have Bluetooth-enabled backseat LCDs. Therefore, always take wired headphones with you if you want to stay away from that inconvenience. They may provide you with an extra set, but you still would want to be on the safe side 

3. You Can Still Use Adapters 

If for some reason you don’t want to use wired headphones, you can still use the AirPods by connecting them to Bluetooth adapters. They are available in the market and they transmit audio from a non-Bluetooth device to your Airpods. You will be able to connect just like you do with any other device. The only difference will be that you’ll be connecting with the adapter instead of a phone, for example. 

Here’s how to pair your AirPods with Bluetooth adapters:

  • Make sure your AirPods and the adapter are charged well. 
  • Press and hold the pairing button of the adapter to bring them to pairing mode. 
  • Also, press and hold the pairing button of the AirPods. 
  • When you hear a small beep, know that the AirPods would have connected to the adapter. 
  • You can enjoy your music or videos as you’d like. 

What To Do When Going Through TSA With AirPods?

Since they are approved by the FAA under PEDs, they are safe to carry. Rest assured that even when you’re going through TSA or the Transportation Security Administration, you don’t have to take out your headphones wired or wireless, and place them on the tray near the check-in counter. 

According to the TSA, you can carry your headphones in your bag. Only the things that are larger than a mobile phone have to be taken out and put in the bin. 

How Safe Is It To Take Airpods On A Plane?

It is completely safe. The take of the FAA on wireless devices that use some kind of wireless technology to connect to something came about in 1966. People then used to carry their FM radios with them during travel and that caused quite an uproar. The FAA found out that they interfered with the systems onboard and put a ban on them. 

But as time passed and the planes became more and more robust, they had to consider the PEDs. So, in 2013, they published the famed “Recommendations on Expanding the Use of Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) During Flight.”

That document provided guidance on allowing PEDs inflight or even gate-to-gate. Many tests were run and the results were present in the document. 

The results were obvious – passengers can use them when the plane takes off as they do not cause any harm to the machinery. So, if you’re an Airpod owner, rest assured and enjoy your music when the plane is soaring at an enormous height. 

Are AirPods Suitable for Long Flights?

The AirPods run on small batteries. Therefore, they have a certain period of time before they run out. On long flights, recharging them could be an inconvenience. But if you can’t live without them, you should definitely consider buying a power bank. 

What About the Noise-Canceling Feature on Flights?

Airpods have a very nice feature that allows you to use them as per the environment. As soon as you start using them on an airplane, you would experience how easily they clear all the clutter and noise from the surroundings. This way, you listen to your music without having to cut off anyone. The feature allows you to talk to people around you. 

Are AirPods safe?

Apple Airpods are incredibly safe and do not pose any harm to the individual using them as they are well below the FCC regulation limit which makes them quite safe.

Do AirPods have radiation in them?

No Airpods do not emit any sort of radiation that might cause any sort of disease or illness in long term or short use. They are perfectly safe and can be used by almost anyone.

Can You Use Airpods On A Plane – Conclusion

You can definitely use Airpods on a plane according to the FAA’s rules. However, before you do so, make sure that they are charged and if you’re going on a long flight, do carry a power bank. Also, know that you can’t use them with backseat entertainment. Lastly, use them by first putting your phone on Airplane mode.

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