How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Laptop Screen? [Average Cost]

So, the question is how much does it cost to repair a laptop screen, is entirely depends on the brand, make, and model of the laptop as well as on how mild or severe the damage is. Plus, whether or not the brand and its spare parts are universally available (especially in your region) is also of prime importance in deciding how much the screen repair would cost you overall.

That said, what also has a huge impact on the cost but is rarely realized is if or not the laptop is still under warranty. Luckily if it is, you can surely save all your fortune by taking it to the company’s service center and thus, get quite professional assistance.

On contrary, if the warranty has expired or if you have to repair it by local computer repairmen, you’ll obviously have to bear more than you’d do if it was under warranty.

One medially economical solution of these two is to undertake the repair on your own to save the high labor costs. But it’s important to feel confident and practice all the cautions while doing so, else you may end up worsening the situation even more.

Anyways, don’t break a sweat if your laptop’s screen has got a hit. You’ve got the answer below.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Laptop Screen?

Roughly speaking, you can expect the laptop screen repair cost to be anywhere between $130 to $600.

But if seen holistically, this cost depends more or less on these five things: the brand of the laptop, the laptop type (i.e. is it a mildly-priced everyday laptop or an expensive gaming-class machine?), the type of display (LCD or LED?), the plight of the damage, and the labor costs, etc. in your region.

So let’s explore each one of these factors in detail now.

#1. Laptop Screen Repair Cost Varies from Brand to Brand

As we know there are a lot of companies competing in this market, each one has got a distinguished price point both for its products as well as their spare parts. Given below are estimated average laptop screen repair costs for some of the biggest brands in the market.

HP – Hewlett Packard

So how much does it cost to repair an HP laptop screen?

With more than half a century of experience in the computer industry and the universal availability of its products and parts, HP laptops are quite easily repairable. Regarding HP laptop screen repair or replacement and how much does it cost, it can be anywhere between under $50 to $200.

For comparatively older models as well as small-sized latest PCs, you can easily find a replacement screen (or do the repair) for under $50 to $100 almost throughout the US. Yea, the prices can go up from $150 to $250 at max for high-end machines.


If you are a Lenovo user and want to know how much does it cost to repair a Lenovo laptop screen. Keep reading.

Lenovo is the world’s leading PC manufacturer and vendor with a very vast array of laptops in the market these days. So the spare parts here are also easily obtainable no matter where you happen to be.

So the average laptop screen repair cost for Lenovo laptops is also more or less between $50 to $80 for regular laptops, whereas between $200 or $250 at max for heavy-duty machines.


A Dell lover? Want to know how much does it cost to repair a Dell laptop screen?

Who would deny the fact that Dell is one of the biggest players in the computer industry? Could you? I know, you can’t!

Given that, Dell’s products and parts being conveniently available on your doorstep are pretty cost-effective as well. For low-end day-to-day Dell laptops, you may end up spending only around $40 to $90 at max for screen replacement, etc. And for deluxe-class laptops, the screen repair/replacement prices can range from $150 to $250 everywhere in the US.


Asus also has a prominent market presence across the globe and ASUS laptops, in general, also feature LCDs rather than cutting edge LEDs except for some aristocrat or high-end gaming-class laptops.

Parts are also easily available and on average you’d need to spend somewhere between $40 or $50 on a pretty everyday type of laptop for screen repair or replacement. But for LED-featuring premium laptops or gaming-grade machines, the prices may go up to the same $200 to $250 range.


The laptop screen repair cost in Acer’s arena also walks along the same reach. For some pretty low-end or mid-tier laptops, you may easily get a replacement screen for something around $50 to $100. Whereas for Acer’s stalwart and premium machines, I can say that the replacement screen may cost you around or more than $250 to $300.


Though the brand is more known for smartphones, it has its share in the laptop industry as well. And if you’ve one Samsung laptop, the screen replacement cost here is also as little as around or a bit above $50 up to $100 for regular laptops. But for laptops with LED displays or for other flagship machines, you can expect the price to surge up to $200 or $250 here too.


Because Toshiba has discontinued making laptops, those in the market are of course pretty older models. You may be a bit hard-pressed to find Toshiba’s replacement parts. But as far as the screen repair cost for Toshiba laptops is concerned, it again wanders between $50 (for LCDs) to $200 or even $250 (for premium LED displays).


It ought to be no surprise for you if I say that MacBook’s screen replacement may cost perhaps $300 at the very minimum. Although screen replacement for just $50 to $80 may also be available, that’s only possible if you have a Mac from your grandpa’s time (and only if you could somehow find its parts).

For the patricians-class and very latest MacBook Air(s) and Pro(s), the cost may even start from $500 and surge higher to a level pretty much equal to two-thirds the price of the whole laptop.

#2. The Type of Laptop You Have is Important to Decide the Amount of Cost

As is mentioned in each of the sub-heading of the previous heading, the repair and replacement cost not only varies from brand to brand but from laptop to laptop as well within a company’s business line.

There is a pronounced difference in the repair or part replacement cost when it comes to the laptop type everywhere. Let’s say you have one extremely basic, low-end, $200 – $300 laptop, so its screen repair/replacement would obviously not ask for more than $50 or $100 at the very max.

But if you have one reasonable, mid-tier, $500 – $600 or $700 laptop, the cost will automatically increase from $50 to $100 or to $150 even, despite it’s the laptop from that same brand.

And finally, if you have one flagship, creators-specific, or gaming-class laptop, the cost will escalate to even higher tiers like $200, $300, or maybe more. And that’s totally fine too.

The quality of the laptop, its features, and everything go up as you go advance the machine’s class and powers. Let’s assume if a regular non-gaming laptop feature just HD or hardly FHD display, a gaming-grade or content creators-oriented laptop always comes fitted with a UHD or 4K screen. And the same goes for other components and features too.

So that’s why the cost of repairs or replacements is directly proportional to how ordinary or elite the laptop you are having.

#3. LCD Screen Replacement Never Costs You the Same as an LED Screen

It’s of prime importance to know that the repair or replacement costs of LED screens are always much higher than that of LCDs. An LCD screen is quite easy to find and cheap to repair or replace compared to the most cutting-edge LED screens.

If you need an LCD screen repair, you can pretty much find a replacement panel for just around $50 to $100 or $150, perhaps until and unless you’ve got one extremely older laptop model whose parts are not available in the market right now.

On the contrary, LEDs are pretty lesser-known and only come on high-end laptops. So they are somehow expensive to repair or replace. On the lower end even, you may end up spending around or over $100 to $250 maybe, to find an LED screen replacement. Whereas, for some premium laptops or MacBook(s), the repair/replacement cost may get past $500 even.

So before setting out for the troubleshoot, it’s better to find out how much does it cost to repair a laptop screen both LCD and LED (for the brand and model of your laptop) to get a more exact cost estimate.

#4. How Severe is the Damage to the Screen? Check Out If You Can Save Some Bucks!

All I’d say here is that check out if the damage is not so severe and that you can still resume working. Also, check out if your laptop has got ripened.

If the laptop is years old and its screen is damaged in such a way that you can continue working the same way (i.e. if only the barren corners are broken or cracked and you can still see everything on the display), I’d suggest don’t set out to repair or replace the screen.

It’s because if you go for repair, you may end up spending on the laptop more than its entire worth at that moment.

If the damage is so severe that you can’t resume working, you may be better off using an external monitor for working till you feel you should get a new laptop now.

Other than that, you can try out learning to replace the screen yourself as well. That’s not so much difficult a job to pull off. All you need to do is just know the make and model of your laptop and find the correct replacement screen (better online on Amazon, etc. than offline).

You can then take help from YouTube, etc. to learn how to replace a certain part of the screen or the entire panel. This way, you can easily save the labor cost. If you think you can’t do that, look for the most reasonable computer repair assistance outside as is gonna discussed next.

#5. Is Your Laptop Still Under Warranty? If Not, there are Ways You Can Still Downplay the Additional Labor Costs, etc.

I want you to take out your laptop’s warranty card (if you don’t remember) to find out if the laptop still has a few days or months to lapse its warranty period. Well, I wish you are fortunate enough, and you find that it’s still under warranty.

As discussed in the intro para, if your laptop is still under warranty, you can straight away consult the company’s authorized service center and get a whole lot of services completely free of cost. If you don’t know about the service center in your area, you can call them via the numbers given on the manual or warranty card of your product and get the job done.

In case the warranty has expired, you may still be better off taking the screen repair or replacement services from the company’s service center. You’d obviously have to pay them this time, but that still would be sort of certified assistance unlike that of a local technician.

The best idea still is to set out to learn how to repair or replace a damaged screen on a laptop. And as you can easily get a reasonably priced replacement screen from the market as well as online platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc., after an effective survey, you can pretty much cut off all the additional labor and other costs.

How much does it cost to replace a screen on a laptop?

Laptop screen repair can cost anywhere between $100 and $400, depending on the brand. Changing a laptop screen is a complicated process and may cost you a lot of money, so take good care of it.

Is it worth replacing a laptop screen?

Changing your screen is not considered necessary if you somehow land a crack on it as long as it still produces decent output. Since replacing a screen is not cheap, sometimes it makes more sense to buy a brand new laptop rather than repair the screen altogether.

How do you know if your laptop screen is damaged?

When your laptop screen is out of order, there are a number of obvious signs. Some of these include improper color output, weird pixels popping up, or straight-up artifacts showing on your screen with weird pink links.

Bottom Line

So how much does it cost to repair a laptop screen? Considering the average price of the replacement screens (regardless of the brand of laptop and other factors discussed) plus an average labor cost of $10 to $30 for such jobs, I’d say a regular laptop screen replacement cost can be somewhere around $110 to $150.

But this estimation still fits more on older laptops or on small-sized machines like Netbooks, Ultrabooks, etc. with 10” to 13” of displays. Whereas for standard-sized everyday laptops, the total screen replacement cost would be around $180 to $250 on average. And the cost can go up to $500 or $600 for gaming-class and other high-end laptops.

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