How to Connect Airpods to a Lenovo Laptop? Step By Step Guide 2022

Connecting AirPods to a Lenovo Laptop is the same as connecting them to any other laptop running Windows 10. If you are worried about how to connect AirPods to Lenovo laptop so there are only a few steps involved:

How to Connect Airpods to Lenovo Laptop – Step by Step

  1. Open Settings on your laptop
  2. Click on Devices 
  3. Select Bluetooth and other devices 
  4. Click on the huge + to the right that says Add Bluetooth or another device
  5. Now open the case of your AirPods 
  6. Press the small round button at the back until you see the white LED blinking. Do not remove the earbuds now.
  7. The name of your device will appear on the list. Select it. 
  8. Your AirPods are now connected. Take the buds out and plug them into your ear. Enjoy your music or movie. 

Connecting AirPods to Lenovo Laptop – Common Problems and Solutions 

Below are some problems you may face when using the Airpods with a Laptop. Here you also get to see the solution to this problem so without further ado let’s take a closer look:

1. Sound Not Coming From the Airpods

After connecting, sometimes the buds don’t work. They do not play the sound you’re playing on your laptop. That’s completely fine. This device is after all a machine and it could run into problems. Worry not, however, because we’ve to just troubleshoot them. 

  • Check the Volume:

Check the volume. Is it increased enough to be hearable? To check it, head your mouse over to the right bottom part of your screen. There, you’d see a speaker icon. Click it and you’ll see a bar of volume. 

  • Select Default Audio Output:

Some laptops connect to the AirPods but they don’t select it as their default audio output. Yours could be doing the same. To see this, right-click on the same sound icon in the right bottom corner of your screen, left-click on Open Sound Settings, and in the output dropdown menu, make sure your AirPods are selected. 

2. Airpod’s Connecting Issue with Laptop

If that’s the case, you may wanna do the following:

  • Check Bluetooth Connectivity

Check whether your laptop is Bluetooth-enabled or not. To do that, hit WIN + I. In the settings menu, click on Devices > Bluetooth and other devices > Add Bluetooth and other devices> Bluetooth. If your laptop has Bluetooth, it will automatically start searching for nearby devices. If not, your laptop might not have Bluetooth. 

  • Turn the Bluetooth On

In case you have Bluetooth, turn it on by a dedicated key on the keyboard or simply click on the Notification bar located in the extreme right bottom corner of your screen. There, you’d see the Bluetooth option right below the notification tray. Left-click on it to turn it on. 

  • Check the Airpods Connection

Check your AirPods to see whether they connect well with other devices or not. This is to ensure that they work fine. 

  • Check Bluetooth with Another Device

Check your laptop’s Bluetooth with another device to see if your laptop’s connectivity is fine. 

  • Update Bluetooth Driver

If both work fine, you wanna update the Bluetooth driver on your PC. To do that, search for Device Manager in the search bar of your Windows. When the window containing all the devices opens, right-click on Bluetooth > Update driver > Search automatically for drivers. After it is updated, try reconnecting the AirPods. 

  • Disconnect Airpods from Other Devices

Make sure that your AirPods are not connected or paired with any other device. They may be connected to your phone without you noticing. Search for all Bluetooth-enabled devices in your house that you had paired with them in the near past and disconnect them from the AirPods. 

  • Check the Airpod Battery

Your AirPods’ battery could be low. Press the pairing button at the back of your device and hold it for a few seconds. If the white LED light blinks then they have to charge, otherwise, put them for charging until they are full. I always recommend that before connecting AirPods to any of your devices, you should at first charge it well. 

  • Check Your Distance

Are you too far away from your laptop? The average range of Bluetooth is about 10 m. So, it is advisable that you stay in this range to be able to connect well. Outside this range, your AirPods would stutter or disconnect periodically without giving any sound. They may not even connect in the first place at all. 

Why is my Bluetooth Not Working On My Lenovo Laptop?

In case you cannot connect your AirPods with your laptop and you know the problem is in its Bluetooth, the following could be the reasons:

You might not have enabled Bluetooth in the first place. Turn it on by following the methods I talked about above. 

You have a broken wireless adaptor. At this point, you need to troubleshoot your Bluetooth. Search for “Additional troubleshooters” in the search box of your Windows. In the Find and fix other problems beneath the Get up and running, click on Bluetooth and Run the troubleshooter. Wait for Windows to run the diagnostics and tell you what the problem is. 

Check for a potential virus in your system. Search for Windows Security in the search bar of your Windows. Click on the Virus and threat protection. First, do a Quick Scan, and afterward, click on the Scan Options and do a Full Scan.  

Are you pairing right on time? Ideally, you should open the lid of your AirPods when Windows is searching for nearby devices. If you do that when the search is complete, your laptop won’t be able to pair with them. So, always make sure that the two interact right on time. 

How to Connect AirPods to ThinkPad? Step by Step Guide

  • Turn on Bluetooth in your ThinkPad by going to Devices. 
  • Left-click on Add Bluetooth or other devices
  • Select Bluetooth 
  • Open the lid of your AirPods and press and hold the pairing button at the back of the case.
  • The Windows should capture the AirPod’s name and you should see it on the screen. 
  • Click on the name to establish a connection

Do AirPods need Bluetooth to connect to Lenovo laptops?

Yes, Bluetooth is definitely necessary to establish a connection with a media device, whether it’s your Lenovo laptop or your smartphone.

Can u use AirPods without internet?

AirPods rely on the data that is sent from your media devices, so even if you don’t have a stable internet connection, your Airpods would work just fine just like normal headphones.

Can AirPods connect to a Lenovo laptop?

Yes, as long as it has working Bluetooth functionality, your Lenovo laptop could connect to your AirPods without any issue.

How to Connect Airpods to a Lenovo Laptop – Conclusion 

It was all about how to connect AirPods to Lenovo laptop using easy methods. It should take a few minutes before you could play your favorite songs. If you encounter any problems, don’t forget to follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article. 

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