How to Connect Wii U to Laptop? Complete Guide 2022

There’s no official way of connecting Wii U to a laptop because Nintendo hasn’t announced it as such. However, you can still use your laptop’s screen as a display for the console. You have to create a WiFi channel for that as you cannot connect U with your laptop’s HDMI output. There are only a few models of laptops that have an HDMI input. Using that to connect the console and laptop is a breeze. 

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at how to connect Wii U to laptop?

How Can You Still Connect a Laptop with Your Wii U Without HDMI?

So you don’t want to connect the console to your TV or fly? No worries. Here’s how to connect your laptop with the console via a wireless network and that, too, is faster than anticipated. 

  • Turn on your game console and go to the Channel Menu. There, you’ll find a Wii icon. Select it by using the remote but don’t forget to press A. 
  • Now, go to Device > Settings > Wii Settings > Internet > Link Settings. Here, you select your local network or the first connection you see in the list. 
  • Name the connection as per your desires to stay away from any confusions. 
  • After selecting the connection, go to Access Point Search Feature > your Wi-Fi connection > and type your password. Doing this may take some time, so keep in mind that you’ll have to wait a bit to get there. 
  • Save your settings and close the windows to establish the connection. To check it, click on Check the Connection. 
  • In the course of this process, you’ll be asked about SSID, some keys, or other information about your internet connection. Fill them up if you know, otherwise, go to your router for information. 

Connection via Bluetooth 

When it comes to wireless connections in a laptop, they are either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Luckily, you can use both. You learned how to use Wi-Fi, now let’s talk about Bluetooth. 

  • Wiimote has the ability to connect via Bluetooth to the Wii. 
  • What you’ll do is connect the Wiimote to your laptop via the same channel regardless of whatever OS system you’re using. 
  • Download and install Bluesoleil software and its drivers from their relevant website. You can use Softonic or any other software providing websites. 
  • To link your Wiimote, double click on the Bluesoleil. You’ll see an orange circle. Click on it and at the same time, hole 1+2 buttons of the Wiimote simultaneously. It may take some time before the connection is established. You’ll see that the LEDs of the gadget have started blinking. 
  • When the software detects Wiimote, release the buttons for sometime and then press them again. 
  • Right-click on the Wiimote icon and click Refresh Services. 
  • Click on the Human Interface Device or HID situated at the top corner. 
  • When the HID and Wiimote are connected, you’ll see a green line extending from the Wii icon to the Orange circle. 

If the Bluesoleil cannot detect your Wiimote, refresh the Bluetooth and make sure that your laptop has Bluetooth enabled. Some machines don’t come with it. When that’s the case, I suggest users buy a Bluetooth adapter from their nearby store. It comes cheap but if you want to connect wirelessly, you won’t see any problems. 

Wii–USB adapter–USB Port Connection to Use Laptop As a Monitor for Wii Console

You might have connected Nintendo to a laptop before. It uses a dedicated HDMI cable to connect to TV. You use the same cable to bridge the laptop and the console via a USB or HDMI adapter. The only difference is that in connecting your Wii to your laptop, you’d have to use the USB 2.0 port. The adapter will take care of that. 

  • Take all the AV cables from the console.
  • Connect the Wii console to the USB adapter by using one side of the Wii plug. 
  • Connect the other side to your laptop. 
  • Turn both the machines on and go to Start > This PC > Select the drive that’s going to connect to the adapter. 

Connecting Your Wii U Gamepad to Your Laptop the Easy Way 

Instead of connecting the Wii console with the laptop, you can connect the Wii U gamepad and still play the games. 

  • Search Windows Features On or Off in the search bar of your Windows. 
  • Scroll down to the Internet Information Services and check the box right next to it. Click Ok and close the dialogue. 
  • This setting will convert your laptop into a local webserver. 
  • Now, search Run in the search bar of your laptop. And type ipconfig. Hit Enter key. 
  • In the next pop up, find IPV4.
  • You’d want your computer to host the server of the gamepad. In other words, it will connect to your device in “client mode”. 
  • After your computer hosts and syncs the gamepad, you’d be able to use it to control the games you’d play on your laptop screen. 

Using Dolphin Emulator to Play Wii Games on Laptop 

Instead of wireless or USB connections, you can use Dolphin Emulator to emulate Wii games on your laptop. Since emulators use your laptop’s resources, the games would run very well. With new laptops that have 1080p displays, the colors would be bright and thus, the experience quite immersive. 

If you find any problems when using Dolphin, which you would honestly because of the intricacy of the emulator, there are online forums to take help from. 

Also, if your laptop has dedicated graphics, that would be a plus point. Still, with built-in graphics you’re good to go. There will be some hiccups when it comes to the output but nothing unplayable, if I’d be honest. 

Besides this, what I loved about Dolphin is the fact that you have the freedom of using any controller. 

How do I connect my Wii U to the Internet?

Click on the Internet icon in your settings and search for your WIFI name. Enter your password if the connection is password protected and you will be able to connect.

How do I connect my Wii U to my Smart TV?

Connect either end of an HDMI cable to your Smart TV device and WII U in order to establish a connection between them.

Does Wii U have Bluetooth?

Yes, Wii U has built-in Bluetooth 4.2 Support which lets you connect to external peripherals that have Bluetooth functionality in them.

How to Connect Wii U to Laptop – Conclusion 

Connecting Wii U to a laptop requires certain modifications. That’s because the two cannot connect directly. The laptop has an HDMI output and no input. So, that leaves us with the wireless connections I talked about earlier. Follow the step by step process if you wish to play Wii games on your laptop. 

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