How to Find HP Laptop Battery Model Number? 5+ Ways

Are you thinking about replacing your HP laptop battery? Well, you have to know the model first to buy the right replacement. Here are a few ways to find it:

  • On the flipside of your laptop 
  • In the interior of the battery compartment 
  • By removing the bottom casing 
  • Accessing System Information in Windows 
  • Visiting HP Support Assistant 

6 Ways to Know About Your HP Laptop Battery Model

Here you get the top 6 ways that you can follow to know about your HP laptop battery model.

1. Flip Your Laptop And Find the Sticker 

Follow these steps:

  • Flip your laptop and place it on a soft surface.
  • Locate the HP sticker underneath.
  • Look for “Model”. It will start with seemingly random letters and numbers. There will be a dash in the middle. You would also find the product serial and span of warranty. You don’t need those. 

On some products, you may not see the sticker but the specifications ingressed or etched upon the chassis. 

  • There will be a horde of information you don’t need. So, always look for the word Model. Anything was written beside it–a long number with a dash in between–is what you need to get the right battery. 

2. Inside The Battery Compartment or The Battery Itself 

The second way to find HP laptop battery model number is to check the battery compartment.

The sticker may be removed or damaged but worry not as you can find the part number and the model name right inside the battery compartment or the battery itself. 

  • Turn off your laptop.
  • Flip the laptop to reveal the battery compartment. 
  • Gently undo all the hooks that secure your battery. 
  • Remove the battery.
  • Look for the Part Number or P/N at the bottom left corner. You may see REPLACE WITH HP SPA… and then a number. 
  • The battery Model Nuber may be located near the hp logo on the battery. It’s either encircled or written in a triangle. 

3. By Removing the Bottom Casing 

So, you can’t find the model number on either the battery, its compartment, or on the sticker? Worry not. You may find it by removing the casing of the chassis. 

  • Power off your laptop and remove the power cable if it’s plugged in.
  • Remove the covering by using a Phillips screwdriver to gently undo the screws holding it.
  • Make sure that you don’t lose the screws. 
  • Now use a prying tool if you have to and gently remove the casing to reveal the inside.
  • Toward the left corner of the chassis, you’ll find the information written in a tiny square. 
  • Look for Part Number or P/N. The number that follows it is the battery model. 

4. Accessing System Infomation 

In Windows 10, you have the option of accessing System Information to view the obvious. 

  • Type System in the search bar of your Windows. 
  • In the next pop-up, scroll down to About and left-click on it. 
  • Below About you’ll see Device Specifications. 
  • There, you’ll find your laptop model written as HP Laptop XX-xxxxxx.

You can use this number to find the battery for your laptop. 

5. HP Laptop Battery Finder 

The battery finder is another way to find HP laptop battery model number. Here’s how.

For this method, you need to know the model of your laptop. Follow step 4 to find it out and then go through this step to get your exact battery number. 

  • Follow this link: 
  • In the PDF you see, scroll to find your HP model. There are several models given such as HP Pavilion dm, HP Pavilion DV, HP Envy Models, and so on. 
  • When you locate your model, it’s time you locate your exact series, which you found out in step 4. 
  • After that, follow the row to see a black tick. Read the column of that tick to know the exact battery model or series number. 
  • For example, for the HP Pavilion dm1-1000, dm1-2000, the battery HP 6-Cell Extended-Life Battery (PT06) is preferred. 

6. HP Support Assistant 

If all the methods above do not appeal to you, the HP Support Assistant installed on your PC should do the work. 

  • Search HP in the search bar of your Windows. 
  • When the app is displayed in the search results, left-click on it. 
  • The next window will show HP Support Assistant. It has all the crucial information about your product such as the model number. Use that model number to find the battery type as stated in Step 5. 

Where to Find a New Battery?

After you know the exact battery number of your HP laptop, you can buy a new one from the nearest HP store. Better yet, go to your local Amazon page and search for it. The price you’d have to pay ranges from $18 to $40, depending on your model and how convenient it is to replace its battery. 

How Long Will the New Battery Last?

The life of a battery depends on how you use it and how intense your work is. Generally speaking, 1000 discharge and recharge cycles should take about 2 to 4 years. Also, the time of a battery depends on your usage also. Although the new battery will be better than the old one, it won’t deliver as many hours as the old battery delivered when you bought the laptop. So, you may wanna give a fair margin to a replacement battery. 

How to Check Laptop Battery’s Health?

The Windows 10’s Battery Report feature tells you how well your battery is doing.
Type Powershell in the search bar of your Windows. 
In the next popup, enter the command powercfg / batteryreport / output “C:\battery-report.html”.

How do I find my HP laptop model number?

Open settings in your HP laptop and click on system settings now click on the lower-left settings called “About” which will bring about your laptop model number.

How to Find Hp Laptop Battery Model Number – Conclusion 

Finding the exact battery model of your laptop is important when you’re trying to replace the old one. There are several ways to do so such as those that I’ve mentioned above. Follow them to correctly find the model and not buy an incompatible battery in haste. 

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