How to Fix AirPods Keep Cutting Out? Easy Peasy Fixes

Why do my AirPods keep cutting out? I’ve seen this question asked dozens of times in different forums and online communities. Having fixed my AirPods more than five times, today I’m sharing my most authentic fix with you.  

Airpods are just like any other computer – they can run into problems despite their impeccable hardware quality. That includes stuttering, intermediate disconnection, and so on. Worry not, however, because here’s how to fix Airpods keep cutting out

Apple Airpods Keep Disconnecting – Here’s How to Fix

Until you want to really replace them, here are the things to fix AirPods keep cutting out.

Fix 1 – Check if you have the right iOS version 

Apple made some changes to the iOS following iOS 10. That caused some compatibility issues with Airpods with the lower versions. So, if you’ve still not upgraded your version, I suggest you do it asap. 

However, if you still experience the same problems, here’s how you can downgrade to the previous version. 

  1. Plugin your iPhone into your computer and backup important data.
  2. Go to Summary > Check of Update. There you can choose to go with the earlier versions of iOS instead of the new one. 
  3. After reverting back to the old version, connect your phone again and restore the backup you made. 

This should fix the problem of incompatibility. 

Fix 2 – Check batteries and replace them if they’re not working 

Still have the question “How to Fix AirPods Keep Cutting Out“? Here’s the second solution for you.

Airpods run on batteries and this isn’t a secret. So, if there’s any problem with them, the earbuds wouldn’t work obviously.

Here’s how to fix the batteries not working. 

  1. Try charging the Airpods for at least 15 minutes before usage and see if they still return the error. 
  2. Connect them to a different device than your iPhone or Macbook/PC to see if it’s really your phone that’s returning the problem. 
  3. On the persistence of the problem, take the buds off and place them on a flat surface for around 30 minutes. 

Remember, Apple suggests that you should give the gadget enough time to charge from 1% to 20%. Still, if nothing works and the battery drains abnormally, you might want to replace them. 

Fix 3 – Reset your iPhone/MacBook’s Network/Bluetooth Settings 

Let’s continue the discussion. So why do my airpods keep cutting out? Well, here’s the third fix for you if you are still confused.

Resetting the network and Bluetooth settings on iPhone and Macbook respectively should help resolve the problem of corrupt connections interfering. 

On iPhone, 

  • Go to Settings, then Tap General, and then Reset Network Settings. 

On the MacBook, it’s done differently. 

  • Select the Apple Menu from the top corner and then click on the System Preferences. 
  • Select the “Bluetooth” icon. 
  • Click on the tick box next to Show Bluetooth in the Menu Bar. 
  • Now hold the Shift and Option keys and then click on the Bluetooth icon straight in the menu
  • Select Reset the Bluetooth Module and click OK.
  • Restart your computer for the action to take place. 

Fix 4 – Reset the Airpods when nothing works

When absolutely nothing works, it’s time to take drastic measures – that is reset the Airpods. 

Here’s how to do it. 

  1. Open the case near your iPhone. 
  2. Press and hold the setup button present on the back of the Airpods for 15 seconds until a pop-up appears on your iPhone’s screen. 
  3. During those 15 seconds, there will be an animation on the top of your case, showing that they are being reset.
  4. Do not interfere with the process at all as this might hurt your Airpods for good.
  5. Reconnect them from the pop-up. If they don’t connect, try connecting them by opening your Bluetooth settings. 
  6. You can also remove them from the nearby devices list and try connecting them again. 

What kind of problems do users experience when using Airpods?

The first time I used Airpods was when I owned an iPhone 7 plus. At that time, Apple AirPods was the best thing to own – almost a trend for iPhone owners. I liked them very much, especially, for the convenience they were offering as compared to the traditional headphones. 

But 2 months into use, I started experiencing problems. First, they would stop working, then the repeated cut-out started, followed by mono sounds, where both the earbuds start playing the same channel. 

As an Apple enthusiast, that was a bit disappointing. I thought they would at least for a few months if not years. What good was investing some $160-$200 on earbuds that would only work for 2 to 3 months? 

Like me, most of the users out there experience these problems even now. Lucky for you, people have come up with solutions so that you don’t have to replace your AirPods like me. 

Come to think of it, I also followed those solutions when I experienced the same problems over again. 

Why shouldn’t you be hard on Apple?

It’s quite obvious to lose your mind when things don’t go your way. However, it’s straightforward when you give it some thought. The Apple Airpods are mini-computer. They have circuits, boards, and whatnot. Even if a single link between them severs, your Airpods are done for. 

So, let’s not be hard on Apple and try the solutions below. Also, keep in mind that the solutions offered below are merely troubleshooting. They will work if the problem is preliminary. If they don’t work, then that means your earbuds have run into a greater problem. It’s time to replace them. 

How to fix the Airpod Keep Cutting Out From Windows 10 PCs?

Now, the top two solutions are mostly for iPhones and Macbooks. If you experience an intermediate disconnection problem when you’re trying to connect Airpods to a windows PC, here are the solutions. 

Fix 1 – Uninstall the Hidden Bluetooth Drivers 

  1. Open the Device Manager of your PC. If you can’t find it, you can search the same in the search bar. 
  2. Select the View and click on the Show Hidden Devices. 
  3. Expand Bluetooth 
  4. Remove any device whose name’s grey 
  5. Restart your PC 
  6. Pair your Airpods and see if they work

Fix 2 – Change the Registry Value in Regedit 

  1. Type Regedit in the search bar 
  2. Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > ControlSet001 > Control > Class > {e0cbf06c-cd8b-4647-bb8a-263b43f0f974} > Right click to open New and then String Value. 
  3. Change the name of the directory to PnPCapabilities and set its value as 24
  4. Try connecting your Airpods and see if they still cut out. 

If they still do, follow Fix 3 of Apple AirPods keep cutting out?  

FAQs – Why Do My AirPods Keep Cutting Out?

Following are some of the frequently asked questions that you should know about how to Fix AirPods That Keep Disconnecting From Your iPhone and how to fix them.

Why Do My Airpods Keep Glitching?

Your AirPods work without any physical connection with either your iPhone or your PC/Mac. They use Bluetooth as the primary source of connection. Anything that’s wrong with the Bluetooth will cause glitching. For example, when you leave the range or come near the boundary, when there’s too much interference from other Bluetooth-enabled devices near you, or when your AirPods battery is low. This is quite a common problem but if you think this persists despite staying in the range, charging them fully, or there are no other devices nearby, then you might wanna change your iPhone’s Bluetooth setting. I’ve already talked about that above. 

Why Does My Bluetooth Keep Cutting Out?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology, I’d reinstate this. Therefore, it is subject to problems associated with interference, low battery, and even hardware issues. Sometimes, even thick walls can interfere with its potential. 
To solve this, first thing’s first, make sure that your iPhone or Mac is in the range of your AirPods. That should be roughly 30 feet. 
Secondly, make sure that both your devices are charged. Turning Bluetooth on and off on an iPhone can take a toll on its battery life. So, make sure that you do that as often as possible. As for the AirPods, I suggest that you keep the Bluetooth of your AirPods on when you are in the range of your iPhone. 
Also, make sure that your devices are running the latest iOS. Even if one of them is running on an older version, that could cause the problem because the software contains important information regarding pairing fixes. 
Lastly, check for any interference from nearby devices. 

Why Do My Airpods Keep Cutting Out in One Ear?

This is another common problem with AirPods. To address this, however, you need to first see which earbud is causing the trouble. That can be done by plugging both into different devices and then testing which one is not working. 
When you find the faulty one, see if it still doesn’t work when the music is not playing. If that’s the case, then there could be a problem in your charging case. Examine if the lid is closing properly or not when you’ve both the buds inside. You might have severed or broken the AirPod connection, which might lead to cutting out. 
If that’s not the case, see if the earbud is dirty or has some gunk blocking its way. Wash it with water carefully and then allow it to dry fully.
These two fixes may work but if they don’t, then there might be some problem with the hardware of your AirPods. You may want to contact Apple if your warranty hasn’t expired.

Why Do My AirPods Keep Cutting Off?

There are many reasons why this keeps on happening. 
Turn the auto-Bluetooth feature off to stop them from disconnecting from your device and then connecting to another one. 
The second fix is to keep your iOS updated on both your AirPods and iPhone. Third, make sure the battery is working fine. Sometimes everything’s fine but the hardware. Contact Apple even if the AirPods don’t work after you’ve reset them. 

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