How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering? Guide 2022

The whole point of using a laptop instead of a desktop is the fact that you can take it everywhere and work on the go.

Since you aren’t restricted to your movement, things get a whole lot easier because there are no cables holding you in place.

Moreover, the built-in battery features also make sure you stay connected to the world and rejoice without having the need for a constant power source flowing through your laptop.

But what happens when your laptop breaks down due to a power malfunction? I mean your laptop is pretty much disabled if it can’t get you a decent runtime.

As frustrating as it sounds, the major behind such nuisance is usually a problematic power jack that has ended up in some sort of malfunction, causing the power flow to a sudden halt.

If you feel like you are facing the same issue, well keep on reading this article in which I have shed some light on how to fix a laptop charging port or jack without soldering iron.

Wait, Without Soldering? How?

Yes, you heard it right, “Without Soldering”, because not everyone is “Jack of all trades” and sometimes doing something as sensitive as “soldering”  can be out of the equation.

The reason I have said sensitive is because of the fact that the soldering process requires precision, super steady hands, and thorough knowledge about the hardware you are working on.

Any improper or mishandling might cause some sort of irreversible damage, so by keeping such issues in mind, you can follow this article to fix your problem with ease.

But first, you need to identify the problem of whether or not your power jack is actually malfunctioning or not.

What Exactly Is Power Jack And How To Know If It’s Not Working?

Well, as the name implies, a power jack is a small piece of component connected at the lower end of the laptop which has interference that allows your laptop charging pin adapter to be connected.

Since the power jack acts as a medium to allow the current flow to be passed through the adapter to the laptop battery so that I can store electricity for later purposes.

Sometimes, due to physical damage or any other electrical influx, it can malfunction causing it to not work properly.

There are some hints that might indicate that you may have a faulty power jack at hand, which are given below

You might notice your laptop has some sort of disconnectivity issues with the charging power adapter.

  • There is a higher chance of your possibly getting heated up due to improper voltage regulation which produces plenty of heat due to power loss.
  • Super slow charging ratio or improper calibration issues in your battery level.
  • Sparks or audible noise during charging indicate that there is an electrical hazard due to power jack malfunction.

If any of you notice any of these symptoms, you might be in a pickle because your power jack is out of order, here is how you can address the issue and fix it.

Steps On How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

Here are some things you may need.

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Bonding Glue 
  • Anti-static wrist band
  • Tape
  • First of all, turn off your laptop and turn it upside down, so that the back panel is exposed to you.
  • Remove the battery and look for hidden screws all over the back panel of your laptop. 
  • Now use the Philips screwdriver to unscrew any screws that are holding your laptop body together.
  • Now gently remove the back panel and open your laptop, remove any crucial parts that obstruct the motherboard as well as the power jack.
  • If by any chance you see that the power jack has been moved from its assorted place, place it back to where it belongs.
  • Use the bonding glue if any piece of the power jack has been physically damaged.
  • You can also use adhesive tape to fix any part of the power jack onto the motherboard if it’s made of metal instead of plastic.
  • Screw your laptop shut and check if the issue has been resolved.
  • If issues still persist check again if the bonding glue has been applied properly and is not obstructing the electric conduction to the motherboard.
  • Moreover, if the power jack is connected through wiring, check if it is loose and try fiddling with it and hope for the best that it fixes your issue.

Can you power a laptop without a charger?

Yes, with the help of a power bank you can revive your laptop back to life, simply plug in and power on your laptop.

How do I know if my DC jack is broken?

DC jack malfunction can be identified in certain ways such as Improper voltage flow, slow battery charge, and frequent disconnection from the power adapter.

Final word

I can very well understand the fact that not everyone has some extra cash lying around to head to the local repair shop and spend your precious money on it, especially if the laptop is at least half a decade old, which is why this article on how to fix laptop jack without soldering iron will help you out in this dire situation.Hope you had a wonderful read, have a lovely day.

Lisa Antonio
Lisa enjoys technology & has built many laptops and enjoys tinkering with technology!