How To Pair JBL Earbuds? Step By Step

Pairing two Bluetooth devices together is not rocket science. You turn on Bluetooth in both, discover one in another, and connect the two. However, not every device has the same settings. Take JBL earbuds as an example. They are quite different from AirPods or any other wireless earbuds. So, here’s how to pair JBL earbuds to any device at your disposal. 

  • Turn on Bluetooth mode in the earbuds. 
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your device and search for available devices. 
  • Select the name of your earbuds by clicking/tapping on it. 
  • Wait for the two devices to connect. 

Activating Bluetooth On Your Earbuds 

Before you could go on to learn how you could pair the earbuds with one of your devices, you should know how waking up their Bluetooth works. 

Step 1: Some models of JBL come with a dedicated button for Bluetooth activation. Read the manual of your model and if there’s such a button, press it to turn the Bluetooth on. You should see the LED indicator start blinking when that happens. This means that your buds are ready to be found by your device and be connected. 

Step 2: If you have a model that doesn’t have a dedicated button, then locate a button present between the volume up and down buttons on the earbuds. When you press it, it will reset the buds and they will be discoverable.

How Do I Pair My JBL Wireless Earbuds?

1. Windows PC / Laptop 

Windows has a fairly easy method of pairing with nearby Bluetooth devices. 

Step 1: Search for “Bluetooth and other devices” in the search bar of your Windows PC.

Step 2: When the settings window opens, turn on the Bluetooth. It should be fairly visible. 

Step 3: Locate the + sign nearby and click it to add your JBL headphones. 

Step 4: When added, you’ll see a prompt telling you that the headphones or earbuds have been connected. 

2. Macbook 

macOS is a different story when it comes to connecting peripherals or accessories wirelessly. But the process isn’t difficult at all. 

Step 1: You can turn on Bluetooth in 3 ways. One, click on the Apple icon in the left top corner and go to System Preferences, where you’ll see Bluetooth. Second, click on the Spotlight Search in the menu bar and search for Bluetooth. Third, click on the options in the menu bar, which has the same icon as in iPhone or iPad. There, you’ll see Bluetooth. Click on it to turn on or click on the small icon to the right to go to the preferences. 

Step 2: When you open Bluetooth Preferences, you’ll see Devices to the right. Choose JBL earbuds and wait for the connection to establish. 

3. Android Phone / Tablet 

Pairing an Android phone or a tablet with JBL is entirely easy. 

Step 1: Unlock your phone or tablet and bring down the dropdown menu. 

Step 2: Long press the Bluetooth icon to open the menu. 

Step 3: Turn on the Bluetooth and wait for the menu to show available devices. At this point, you should have yoru JBL buds turned on for discovery. 

Step 4: Tap on the name of your earbuds and wait for the connection to be established. 

Note: If you’re asked about a password during the connection, enter either 0000, or look for a password available on the box or in the manual. 

4. iOS iPhone or iPad 

Pairing an iOS device is the same as pairing the Android device. The only difference is in the time taken for the pairing to happen. Also, you may have to enter a password or confirm a password / passcode to get the two connected. 

Step 1: Unlock your iOS device, whether it is iPhone or iPad. 

Step 2: Go to the Settings and locate Bluetooth. Alternatively, you can swipe from the bottom to reveal different options. There, you’ll find Bluetooth. Long press it to get into the menu. 

Step 3: Turn on the Bluetooth and wait for your device to be shown in the list. 

Step 4: Tap on the name of JBL headphones and wait for the connection to establish. 

What To Do When Your PC Has No Bluetooth To Connect To JBL Earbuds?

If your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth to connect to JBL earbuds, you can always purchase a Bluetooth dongle. They come in various sizes and shapes but I particularly like and prefer the USB shaped dongle. Once you enter it into the PC’s USb outlet, you’ll have to install its software. This takes about a few seconds before you’re ready to use it. The rest of the process of connecting the JBL earbuds to your PC is the same as I’ve explained above. 

Why Are My JBL Earbuds Not Connecting?

There could be a number of issues. First, check if you’re in the Bluetooth range, which is 10 meters. Second, see if both of the earbuds work by pressing the pairing button and seeing the LED blink. Third, make sure that there is no physical damage. Fourth, connect the device with another Bluetooth enabled headphone. Also, connect the JBL earbuds with another device. This will ensure which one is at fault. You can reset the earbuds by pressing the button between the volume up and down if the problem is there. 

How To Pair JBL Earbuds? Conclusion 

Pairing JBL earbuds doesn’t take a lot of time. All you have to do is turn on Bluetooth on your device, whether it is a Windows PC or laptop, Android tablet or phone, iOS device, or Macbook, and then turn on pairing mode of the earbuds by pressing the Bluetooth button. Once done, you’ll have to select the earbuds in the menu or listed devices on your device. You’ll be able to use them after the connection has been established. 

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