How to Restart Dell Laptop? Complete Step By Step Guide 2022

Restarting our Dell laptop doesn’t take much time. Here are the ways in which you can do that: 

  • Click on the Start or Windows button and then on the power button to reboot the laptop.
  • Hold CTRL ALT + DEL from your keyboard. In the right bottom corner, you’d see the Power icon, hit that, and then restart. 
  • Hold the power button for about 5 seconds or so then release to hard restart the laptop. 
  • Unplug the laptop from the power socket and then remove the battery carefully. 
  • Wait for the laptop to unfreeze and then restart it. 

How to Restart Dell Laptop with the Keyboard?

You might wanna restart the laptop with a keyboard because your mouse isn’t working. To do that, simply hold ALT + CTRL + DEL and hit on the power button to restart. 

However, if your computer is frozen, this may not work. So, wait for everything to sort itself out before applying this method.

How to Restart Dell’s Laptop with a Black Screen?

The black screen could be because of a number of reasons. 

  • Your graphics driver could have run into problems with the Windows.
  •  There could be some issues with the display adapter’s driver. 
  • Your monitor’s broken. 
  • You have overheated your device. 
  • There’s a stray virus hiding in your system. 
  • Some hardware failure.
  • Windows 10 file system errors. 
  • Power surges. 

The solutions:

  • Perform a hard restart because you cannot do it manually from Windows. Press the power button for a few seconds and your laptop will turn off itself. Restart it then. 
  • Press WIN + CTRL + B to restart the graphics drivers. When the dell laptop reboots, update your graphics drivers by going to the Device Manager > Display adapters > Update driver. 
  • After turning on your laptop, boot into safe mode by pressing the Shift and F8 keys together before you see the Windows logo. In the recovery mode, go to See advanced repair options, then Troubleshoot, Advanced options, Windows Startup Settings, and Restart. Select Safe mode in the options you’re given. After you’re in, update drivers. 

How to Restart a Dell Laptop Without a Mouse?

Don’t have a mouse? No worries. 

  • Press the power button once and the laptop would go to sleep. Long press the same button and it will shut down. You can reboot afterward. 
  • Press CTRL + ALT + DEL. Click on the Power button and restart. 
  • Press ALT +F4 until you see the shutdown window. Select the Restart option in that by Up or Down Arrow and press Enter.

My Dell Laptop Won’t Turn Off 

If your laptop’s stuck at the black screen and nothing you do restart it, here’s what to do:

  • Remove the laptop’s plug from the wall socket. Gently remove the battery as per your mode’s configuration. Do not remove it forcibly. There are hooks to undo, first look for them. 
  • Update your BIOS:
  • Download the latest BIOS file from your manufacturer’s website. 
  • Store it in a USB and unzip it
  • Remove your laptop’s battery and after some time insert it again 
  • Start your laptop and boot into the BIOS screen by pressing F2, F8 or F12 repeatedly 
  • Go to Boot > Enable Flash. Then, go to the Advanced tab > Start Flash. This should update the BIOS.

Do not update the BIOS if you haven’t done it before. You might want to take the help of an experienced friend. 

Once you follow all the steps mentioned above now you are well aware of how to restart dell laptop.

How do you restart a Dell computer with the keyboard?

Hold down the Control+Alt+Delete buttons at the same time on your keyboard until you see a flash menu prompting you to restart your laptop. Click on the Restart button to turn it off.

How do you restart a frozen laptop?

Hold the power button for at least 5 seconds until it restarts itself, if your laptop still has freezing issues, try performing a fresh reinstall of the operating system.

How do I wake up my laptop without the power button?

Enter BIOS mode of your laptop and head over to the power management section and enable “Power on LAN” to wake your laptop without pressing the power button.

How to Restart Dell Laptop – Conclusion 

There’s no rocket science here. Press and hold the power button for a brief time until the laptop restarts; hit the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys to get into the task manager window and then restart from the Power button in the right bottom corner; press ALT + F4 repeatedly until you see the Windows shutdown menu and restart from there. If none of these work, simply remove the battery by first unplugging your device and then following your manufacturer’s recommendations. 

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