Lenovo vs Asus Laptops! (In-depth Comparison in 2022)

Buying a laptop has never been this tough as it is now after the market has been prevailed by two, sort of really queer and beast, big laptop names i.e. Lenovo and Asus!

Do you know why? Perhaps because those old brands who were prevailing in the market previously, used to focus on just a very handful of specs, and so the buyers never needed to look for else’s things except their affordability and the highlighted attributes of the laptop.

But not now, because it’s now the Lenovo vs Asus era, two brands that you would definitely stumble upon whenever you plan to make a laptop purchase.

Due to tons of avant-garde features and things like, those unusual bends and rotates, ultimate gaming-grade power, magical display quality, etc., and all this even in such an easily manageable price range, you can’t just deftly decide what things to consider and which laptop to buy.

But since you have to buy one now, why not check out this completely unbiased comparison between these two, so that your purchase decision gets facile.

Lenovo vs Asus – First Check Out

Isn’t it better to give you a succinct overview of both these big names? Let’s take a look at their background and see how they become what they are now.

A Succinct Background of Both the Brands:

Founded in the same decade i.e. one in 1984 and another somewhere in 1989, both these ginormous names have thenceforth been ruthlessly competing and trying to outfox and outperform each other, having one sole aim in the mind and that is, to provide an unequaled value to their customers.


Lenovo, also known as Lenovo Group Limited, is a Chinese-based company founded in Beijing in 1984. The company, besides being recognized for laptops, also has a second and quite renowned product line too i.e. mobile phones.

Anyways, let’s proceed and talk about the laptops. So some of the most popular laptop lines from Lenovo, that are unbeatably ruling the market due to their novel features encompass its ThinkPad series, Yoga series, IdeaPad, and Legion series. These are some of the most recognized ones, whereas there are numerous others as well.


ASUSTeK Computer Inc. is a Taiwan-based computer electronics company founded in 1989.

Mostly admired for its classy designs and ultimate sturdiness in its laptops, this company is basically an OEM “original equipment manufacturer”, gaining an edge over all other brands because it manufactures the motherboards and other computer hardware products itself.

It deals in a wide variety of products i.e. laptops, PCs, mobiles, motherboards, workstations, etc. The company is mostly recognized for its ZenBook, VivoBook, TUF, and ROG (Gaming series) and Chromebook laptops being its prevailing product lines, and most of these Laptops comes in flip flops too i.e. 2 in 1 laptop.

Lenovo vs Asus – Things to Consider Before Buying Any of the Brand

Looking for a Lightweight Laptop? Or a gaming grade Laptop? Or what?

If your purchase intention is not meant to be a coarse one but to satisfy some such specific craves, then prior to looking into the specs and technicalities of a laptop, you must first check out the brand, you are likely to buy from, whether it specializes in that particular genre or not. Got an idea?

If not, check this out to know what things you must consider prior to a laptop purchase;

  1. What’s the brand actually admired for i.e. is it, particularly a gaming brand, a professional one, or what.
  2. What are the key similarities between the brand options that you have in mind?
  3. What are the differences between them? Which one leads where and how.

So, besides looking for specs like the technical competency, screen and display, battery and other hardware attributes, price, etc., you must check out all the above-mentioned things as well.

This is what I call a complete and completely unbiased comparison. So let’s start now.

#1. What are These Brands Basically Admired for?

Let’s start with the Lenovo vs Asus competition and have a look at what actually is both of these big names recognized for.


Although it has a vast array of product lines and satisfies the needs of almost everyone, still Lenovo is basically known to be a laptop brand mostly for professional people. You’ll find most of its laptops primarily designed for those always on-the-go people like businessperson, students, doctors, or other professionals. Lenovo tries to inculcate in its products, things like extreme levity for easy portability, some unusual bends and rotates in its 2 in 1 gadget so that everyone keeps working all the time, and many other things best suited for those always on-the-laptop individuals.


On the other hand, Asus, which also has a diverse product line, but is basically known to be a gaming brand for its far-famed and unbeatable ROG and TUF laptop series, is the perfect gamers’ machine.

Its muscular and sturdy build quality, powerful gaming, enchanting body glints and glares, and a few other key attributes, make it a best-suited laptop brand for those who are perfect gamers.

#2. Key Similarities Between Lenovo and Asus

Notwithstanding that both, Lenovo and Asus, are in a nerve-wracking battle, trying to outperform one another. Still, there are a few things that both these brands exhibit and share the same i.e.

  • First and foremost, both are massively admired and well-recognized laptop brands at a multinational level.
  • Both of these laptop giants have quite a good variety of budget Laptops that are just more than enough for your basic day-to-day tasks. So if you can not afford elite gadgets, you can still find one fine laptop here.
  • If you are willing to pay more, you will surely get more. Yes, for a higher price range, both these brands have some really cracking and powerful machines for you.
  • Both encompass a wide variety of product lines, satisfying the needs of everyone i.e. gamers, 2 in 1 laptop lovers, Chromebooks (for entertainment geeks), professional people, and so on.
  • You’ll find a variety of eye-catchy colors and designs too, no matter which brand you opt for.

#3. Which One Leads Where And How? Lenovo vs Asus

Since we are done with other things, let’s now move on to the most awaited section of the scrip i.e. which one is better than another, how, and why.

Well, although both these brands are quite consummate and best in class, still there are things where one falls short of another or takes over the second, and these are the attributes we are gonna compare, so that you can easily decide, according to your needs, that which one is the right choice for you.

Neither the product diversity, because we know both the brands have diverse product lines, nor the technical things like processor, RAM, and SSD, since we know that you get what you pay for.

The key standards for comparison between Lenovo and Asus are;

  1. Screen and display quality
  2. Design and Durability
  3. Battery and other hardware components
  4. Pricing and value for the money
  5. Customer support

Let’s jump into this key comparison now.

#I. Screen and Display Quality

Although Lenovo is not bad too, still you will find Asus leading in this department. See how.


Since the company is heavily focused on making the laptops perfect for those always on-the-go and professional type of people, that is why most of its laptops are sort of compact ones.

Seeing that, the average screen size you’ll find in Lenovo’s domain is 14 inches. Besides that, the common display resolution in most of its laptops is HD, but yeah there are quite a few which soaks in the Full HD too. Still, if you are a visual-quality-oriented person, you’ll be hassled here.


Asus, on the other hand, mostly features a bigger screen and a much better display quality in most of its laptops. Soaking in the captivating graphics and Full HD resolutions, Asus’s laptops provides you with a stunning overall visual experience.

Although the big screens make the laptops heavy but still if you love gaming, and vivid colors & graphics, you’ll find Asus best suited for you.

#II. Design and Durability

Let’s see where both these brands stand in terms of these specs.


Incorporating tons of color through a few design variations as well, Lenovo is quite a good option if you are a person with a craze for novel colors, etc. Usually, its laptops are quite easy to carry that’s why the cool colors look good.

You can’t question the internal durability of Lenovo laptops because these are quite powerful and cooperative machines but yeah the outer build quality of its laptops is not that durable. They are sort of flimsy as compared to Asus. So if you are an adventurer type of person, I won’t suggest Lenovo for you.


Not only the colors but lots of eye-catchy designs as well. Yes, most of the Asus laptops exhibit beautiful glints and glares and classy designs. So if you want a laptop with ultimate power plus nonpareil looks, Asus is the brand for you.

The outer build quality of its laptops is far better and sturdier than Lenovo. Hence, if you love to go on expeditions and adventures and want a cooperative laptop, I would say, go for Asus.

#III. Battery and Other Hardware Components

Both the brands have got fitted with some top-notch hardware components and have more than fine attributes but still, let’s discover further.


Perhaps a little inferior in the battery department, still Lenovo tries to outperform Asus with its other, some real jaw-dropping specs like an anti-spill keyboard, fingerprint sensor in most of its laptops, and a Kensington lock slot for ultimate security, usually. Lenovo focuses on using SSD rather than HDD, hence ensuring faster overall performance.


Most of the Asus laptops feature quite a long-lasting battery and besides that, the battery is often backed by a year or so guarantee which is just a cut above everything.

The company used to fit HDD storage in most of its old devices. Yet, you can find their new laptops with powerful SSD and strapping processors. A novel feature introduced by Asus is the Screenpad i.e. the Touchpad replaced with a mini touchscreen for more intuitive interaction.

Hence here, both these brands go hand-in-hand.

#IV. Pricing


Although there is a wide variety of budget laptops, still if you compare, Lenovo’s budget laptops are a bit expensive than of Asus. Perhaps due to the company’s comparatively large market share or some other reasons. So if you check out a budget laptop with the same specs in both brands, you probably will witness Lenovo a bit high in price.


Since the company itself manufactures the motherboards etc. and is an OEM, Asus manages to keep its priceless as compared to Lenovo. Talking not about its Flagship machines, but yeah if you even look for those much easily affordable and in-budget laptops, you’ll find much better options here.

Also, Asus tries to cover its products with a praiseworthy warranty hence you’ll get a better value for your price if you search the Asus arena.

#V. Customer Support

Well, the Lenovo vs Asus competition doesn’t end here. Finally, let’s see how much both these brands care for their customers.


The after-sale service and support of Lenovo are better than almost all the brands except for Apple. They provide a 24/7 phone service and unmatched support on social media platforms as well. So, you’ll be quite better off with Lenovo in terms of getting the after-sales support.


Well, it gets a little frustrating here. Even though the staff is disciplined and connecting to representatives is quite easy but finding a solution to your query is a bit taxing. Although, the company`s online presence i.e. on social media platforms and via the website is quite good and supportive.

Is Lenovo laptop better than ASUS?

In almost every aspect, Lenovo laptops are miles ahead of Asus laptops. Lenovo laptops are stylish aesthetic-wise and more budget-friendly. If you are trying to decide between the two brands, Lenovo is your best bet.

Which is more durable, ASUS or Lenovo?

When it comes to being sturdy and overall reinforcement in their materials, Asus takes the lead when compared to Lenovo.

What are the problems with Lenovo laptops?

Lenovo laptops are sometimes plagued by problems such as Webcam malfunctions or display flicker, which can make your everyday routine a tad unpleasant. Moreover, Lenovo is not really good at producing laptops with better thermal dissipation, so Lenovo laptops are quite prone to overheating.


Keeping the key specs i.e. processor, memory, storage, battery, etc. aside, both of these brands i.e. Lenovo and Asus, are almost second to none on the innovation side too.

Both introduced some really innovative features like an anti-spill keyboard, a novel Screenpad, some unconventional bends and rotates, and a wide variety of colors and designs.

So, if you too are planning to buy a laptop and have these two options in mind, do this;

  • Either rack your brain and get puzzled regarding your purchase
  • Or read this article, which has almost every minute detail regarding both the brands, their key strengths, weaknesses, leads and lags, and almost everything.

You won’t be able to entitle one the winner, and the other a loser, if you miss this article. So, must give it a read and make a superlative purchase ever.

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