PS9 Release Date – Accurate Prediction Based On Sony’s Trademark

Sony made it quasi-official that they are going to continue the Playstation lineup well up to PS10. Will there be PS11? Most definitely. For now, though, you should rejoice, after all, your fair share of gaming luxury will continue ahead. As for what will be the PS9 release date, I’ve got a better prediction based on Sony’s own trademark history. Mark the year 2048 – the year of PS9.

What’s After PS5 – A Trademark Revelation 

After PS5, there will be a PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10. Sony has registered its trademark in Japan to stay on the safe side. It goes to say that no one will be able to hijack their names for as long as Sony does not stop producing them. 

That trademark confirmation or registration is the surety we game lovers need, that is if we hopefully make up to that year. The good news is relevant to our grandkids, in that kids. That’s on a lighter note. There’s no age limit to experiencing the gaming luxury that Sony’s Playstation provides. 

7 – Sony’s Favorite Number 

The mystery of the 7 is an open secret now. Seeing the previous releases, I’ve seen that the company apparently loves the number 7. 

Come to think of it, right from its initial release of PS1 up to PS5, the average gap between the two releases has been 7 years. There are two outliers, though. The PS4 was released only 6 years after the PS3. The gap between PS1 and PS2 was only 5 years. 

Here are the dates:

  • PS1: 1995
  • PS2: 2000
  • PS3: 2007
  • PS4: 2013
  • PS5: 2020

As you can see, the one number that speaks out is 7. I’m considering the average. Of course, Sony has its own brain and will release models sooner or later as it wishes. 

So, when will the PS9 be released? Tentatively, it should be in 2041, if I take into account that average number. A year or two plus-minus could be possible, though. 

Will There Ever Be a PS10?

I answered this earlier. There will be a PS10, considering the trademark registration Sony did in Japan. That may be in 2055 if I go by the same 7-year gap logic.

In Which Month PS9 Will Be Released?

Well, here too, we have a predictive model. The previous PlayStation have been released mostly at the end of the year. Consider the release of the very recent one – the PS5. It happened on 12 November 2020. It is very likely that the PS9, heck all the future models will be released at the end of their respective years. So, expect PS9 in Sep to Nov of 2048. 

PS9 Release Date – Conclusion 

PS9 will be released in the last months of 2048 as indicated by the release dates and months of the previous Playstations. This is pure prediction. There could be ups and downs, so don’t bet everything on this date. 

Lisa Antonio
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