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Wall Street Journal - 1/6/07
"As network news programs continue to struggle, the creators of one news show are trying a new strategy -- replacing the producer, the editor and even the news anchor with a computer."
Discovery Channel News - 11/3/06
"A news show that truly speaks to its viewers is the idea behind "News at Seven"..."
Slashdot - 10/25/06
"Automatic Machinima News-Broadcasting..."
Boing Boing - 10/25/06
"News at Seven is a mind-blowing automated news-video project from Northwestern University. It pulls news stories in from RSS feeds, digs up video and still images..."
New Scientist Tech - 10/24/06
"Software that automatically generates timely video news bulletins, presented by computer-animated characters, could revolutionise current affairs broadcasting, researchers say..."
Business POV - 10/17/06
"At Northwestern's InfoLab, computer scientist Kristian Hammond and his team are using cutting-edge content, killer avatars and video-game interfaces to redefine how we get information..."
Valve - 10/13/06
"Something that caught our eye recently is a project by some students at Northwestern University using the Source engine to automatically create a three minute news broadcast..."
NPR - 10/6/06
"I have seen the future of my profession, and it does not include me. News at Seven looks like a personal unemployment campaign directed at me..."
Engadget - 10/4/06
"The latest such foray, News At Seven, is looking pretty hot. The completely virtual news show automatically gleans news from the web, supplements the info with blogger commentary and mixes in related images and video..."
ABC World News Podcast - 10/3/06