January 30, 2007

Background movies

Hi all,

Some of you have noticed that the videos behind Alyx have been looping differently lately. We are currently in the midst of changing the ways that the video is processed before the show is run, and there are still some kinks to be worked out. Once everything is up and running, the videos should be much smoother and cause less “hiccuping” in our anchor’s voice as videos are loaded behind her. Until that point though, there are definitely a few bugs remaining. We considered getting the new video system completely up and running on our test system before showing it to you all, but we thought you might be interested to see the work in progress. News at Seven is always improving, and one of the benefits of being a smaller research project is that we are quickly able to share those improvements with you, our loyal viewers. We hope you’re also excited about getting to watch a fledgling project improve, and we hope you won’t mind its growing pains too much.

Thanks a lot for your continued interest (over 55,000 views on YouTube and counting!), and keep watching!


The News at Seven team

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